The Tribe.

The online community where purpose-driven entrepreneurs and solopreneurs belong!

If your lack of knowledge on web design, social media, content creation, marketing and all those little aspects, are holding you back on launching your online business, then you are in the right place! Here, you’ll learn from the basics, up to the specific concepts that will allow you to create, establish and develop your online business and presence. Welcome home!

Your journey can become an adventure.

A journey is when you go all alone, and an adventure is when you share your experiences with someone else , and you go through that path together, enjoying the trip and creating memories.

By being part of The Tribe, you can forget about the “it’s you against the world” feeling, and start an adventure with us where we’ll share the same challenges and work on finding ways to overcome them.

On this community, we aim to live by 11 core ideas, which are:

1. Progress not perfection

2. It is not how much you have, but what you do with what you have

3. Find your why

4. Be open to possibilities

5. Live the moment, looking into the future is tiring

6. Do things that you are afraid of

7. Question what you read online, do your own primary research

8. Put the client at the center of your business

9. Know your numbers

10. Be transparent in your business agreements

11. Be kind with yourself

How can The Tribe help you?

All the troubles and challenges you may face when going “outside” can be turned around by getting access to all the available content and learning from it, that is shared in the form of:
  • Short videos (I call them “Golden Nuggets”)
  • PDF Templates and Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • And more!
I’ve put my knowledge out there with the main purpose of generating value for other entrepreneurs like me , that want to begin the adventure of launching an online business. All the information you need to start is here!

On The Tribe, you can learn about:

1. Mapping your Value Proposition

2. Your Business Plan

3. Funding Fundamentals

4. Legal/HR/Tax

5. Go-to-Market Strategy

6. Online Presence

7. Online Business

We’re working on creating and launching the new version of The Tribe! It’s going to be ready soon and this is just a sneak peek of what you’ll find there. You can register on the form below and be notified when it is finally out there! If you’re curious and want to know how the process will be and which improvements this version will have, check out the “How It Works” diagram on the next section.

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How it works

1. Join The Tribe

Be part of this amazing online community! The Tribe gives you free and paid tools to help you learn how to create and develop your online business and presence. Becoming a member of The Tribe has no cost, we don’t charge you any hidden fees for that! We offer a low-entry point: you will always have free options to achieve your goals, or you can use the available paid options. Keep reading to see which one works best for you.

2. It all starts with a goal

Here you will ask yourself: “what do I want to accomplish?” and the answer will set the tone. Whether you’d like to know how to create content for social media, or want to launch your online business, you must define your objective so we can create a map that leads you to your destination (goal).

3. Pick the path to follow

On the map we’re going to design for your adventure, you’re going to find different routes:

1) Open road

This is a free option, where you can take advantage of the published content (templates, webinars, guides…) and begin your learning process. Going down this road will take you more time, because you’ll go through it by walking, but you can set your rhythm.

2) 50/50

Our experience has allowed us to use and test different platforms and paid tools that are essential for certain parts of our daily tasks, or to accomplish specific goals. So, it works like this: you want to achieve something, and we know what tool may be useful for you. We recommend it to you, and share a link where you can purchase it. When you buy it using our link, we will earn a commission. With our advice, 50% of the road will be cleared by using this effective tool that we use and suggest. This route will be like renting a car: we put the vehicle, and you have to drive it.

3) Let us do the work

Have you ever traveled by plane? Well, this will be like it! The time to get to your destination will be shorter, and you’ll arrive there quicker. You’ll get to the airport, board the plane, get a VIP treatment while we do the heavy lifting for you. We will put our know-how to action and create a strategy that will help you reach your destination. Once you get there, you can put into practice and implement what we’ve created for you.

4. Reach checkpoints

Since it is an adventure, you won’t be going through it alone. We will be there with you, following your progress! This will be represented with milestones and checkpoints, that you will be able to see on your chosen map. The secret to achieving a big objective is splitting it up into little goals to reach it, and this will give you a clearer vision of your route. It also helps you to see how much progress you’ve made, and allows you to celebrate it!

5. Feedback sessions

On every checkpoint, we will have feedback sessions, 1on1 or in groups, where we’ll go over your questions and doubts together, and review your goals. Unlike online courses where there’s only a chat to ask away or you need to send an email with your inquiries, in these meetings we’ll sit down and talk about your progress, and what’s next for you in that map.

6. Be part of the community

This is the unique benefit of The Tribe: for being a member, you’ll get access to online events and a forum, where purpose-driven entrepreneurs, just like you, can exchange knowledge by sharing and answering questions.

7. Get opportunities to grow

I want us to be in this for the long run, creating a win/win situation for both of us and being there with you during your adventure. You will get opportunities to grow by putting into action what you learn from The Tribe, connecting with other members that may help you develop your business, saving money when you’re trying to launch a new idea, and by having someone to go with you on your journey who can guide you. Just because you reach your initial goal, doesn’t mean that your adventure has to end.



The Tribe Questions

The Tribe is an online community with the goal of sharing our “know-how” in friendly formats, such as Golden Nuggets (short and condensed videos), PDF Templates and Guides, tutorials and webinars.

To purpose-driven entrepreneurs that want to overcome the challenges of starting and developing an online business and presence.

An online community is a digital space where people come together over common interests and experiences, mutual goals and actions, or a shared purpose. In there, its members interact with each other mainly via the Internet.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs reflect their unique life experiences and channel them into a business that makes an impact in a way only they can. They have a clear idea of ​​who they want to serve and focus everything in their power on making a difference. Purpose-driven companies exist only to do good in the world.

We’re currently working on a new version of The Tribe! While we tweak the details and work on the finishing touches, you can register using the forms in this page and be notified when it is finally out there!

No! We know that when we’re starting our own business, every dollar matters so we have to stretch them. Because of that, becoming a member of The Tribe has no cost! We offer a low-entry point: you will always have free options to achieve your objectives, or you can use the available paid ones that will make you reach your business’ goals faster.

We offer free and paid tools to help you learn how to create and develop your online business and presence.

An online presence is the combination of having a website and social media accounts, generating content in those profiles and creating digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your platforms. In simpler terms, it is having your business present on the Internet. The main purpose is being available and easily found in the online world, allowing potential clients to contact you. The more stronger your online presence is, the easier you’ll reach those clients.

We help you overcome the following challenges:

  • Lack of knowledge when launching your online business and presence
  • Not knowing where to start when launching your online business and presence
  • Not having enough time to launch or develop your online business and presence

You’re able to find valuable content distributed into 7 categories:

  1. Let’s Start with the Basics
  2. Online Presence
  3. Boosting Your Sales
  4. Visual Storytelling
  5. Marketing
  6. Branding
  7. Coaching and Shared Thoughts

See some topic examples below:

  1. Let’s Start with the Basics:
    1. Creating a Target Audience
    2. Get to know your customers’ pain-points
  2. Online Presence:
    1. Do you really need a website?
    2. What is the best social media platform for your business?
  3. Boosting Your Sales:
    1. Facebook Marketplace vs Online Store
    2. Create Irresistible Offers for your clients
  4. Visual Storytelling:
    1. Visual Storytelling: don’t do it, show it!
  5. Marketing:
    1. Centralize your efforts: create a “Rome”
    2. Nurture your clients’ buyer’s journey
  6. Branding:
    1. Be consistent with your branding
    2. Creating your clients’ buyer’s journey
  7. Coaching and Shared Thoughts:
    1. “Why?”: the question that helps you find your purpose
    2. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just launch!

You can also watch some videos on our YouTube channel here where we talk about these topics.

You can enjoy all the available content in the form of:

  • Short videos (we call them “Golden Nuggets”)
  • PDF Templates and Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • And more!

Sure! During our test period, we created a few resources were we addressed interesting topics. You can give a look to some of them here:

To get more examples, give our social media profiles a look! In there, we’ve published a lot of content for you to enjoy and will continue to post more, so keep tuned. Check our Instagram here, LinkedIn here and Facebook here.

Check how The Tribe works by clicking here. There, you’ll get to know each step of the process and what happens after you join The Tribe!