Digital Design Solutions


Web Page Design

Whether you need to improve your presence on the web or start to promote your business online I can help you. You can review some of my work here or you can read more about this service here.

Landing Page Design

With this service of Landing Page Design you will have a tool that will allow you to, more effectively, reach some of your business goals and measure them. You can review my designs here or you can read more about this service here.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a needed discipline for a business to grow. We design & implement custom strategies for every need, expectation and goal for our customers. You can read more about this service here.

Business Intelligence

I analyze all the information that is generated by your system so I can build up reports that allows you to make critical decisions on real time. You can review some examples of reports I’ve made here or you can read more about this service here.

"I could be defined as someone who pays a lot of attention to detail, punctual and follows up his responsibilities. I work with order, always setting achievable goals in achievable times and keeping a strict budget and resources control tied to each and every project."
Rodrigo Galvan
Nomad Founder

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Put my experience to work for you!


RGA The Nomad

Over the last months I’ve developed an immense liking for photography and I had the chance to travel around the world while I learned to take photos. If you want to see some examples of the best of each location I’ve visited click here.

It is important to consider that every photo taken by me are not free to use and are not licensed under any type of CC (Creative Commons). If you want to use any picture or you simply want to get it in HD for your personal use please get in touch with me here.

Put my experience to work for you!

Study shapes the mind, Travel shapes the soul. Travel, it doesn’t matter if it’s to the downtown of your city, a different county, travel, see new places, meet new people, try new food and live new experiences.

I enjoy what I do, I love to figure out problems and if you want to excel at this activity it’s necessary to acquire, maintain and develop a series of skills that contributes to generating solutions.

Rodrigo Galvan

Nomad Founder, RGA The Nomad