Choose your Starting Point.

I know, you work an 8-10 hour shift doing your thing, and when night rolls around, you don’t have the energy nor the mind to focus on creating your online presence.

I’m sure you understand the importance of being present in the online world, so, at what time will you be able to work on it?

That doesn’t have to be a headache anymore! I can put my know-how to action and let me take the wheel on creating your online presence, so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

Not having the time to work on your website, social media, creating content, is not a problem with my assistance. I can create, establish and develop an online presence that will help you get known and allow potential clients to contact you, even when your company is out of the business hours.

Since a couple of years ago, I’ve been working with a company that has a small team, but has hundreds of members that are part of their platform. They focus on managing, organizing events, invoicing, and more… and being a small number of people doing everything, they don’t have the time to put their attention on taking care of their website, like doing updates or dealing with the technical aspects of it.

My experience came in handy for them and we have built a long-lasting relationship where they make on-demand requests whenever they need to tweak their website, and I support them with their needs, so they can focus on their daily tasks and have someone in charge of the practical things.

Every business is in a different stage: some are on their launching phase, a few already have something but want to improve it, and others want to do that transition from a physical to an online business. That is why I’d like to share with you the following starting points, which are the ones that have been more helpful to other clients.

In case you don’t find one that catches your attention, reach out to me so I can create a starting point for you, adjusted to your needs and to the stage your business is at.

How it works

1. Choose your starting point

We have 3 starting points with different pricing, for you to choose where you want to start your adventure from. However, if they don’t fit you, we always have the option to create something that will catch your attention. All of the starting points are available on the 12-month flexible pricing plan, but if you would rather pay upfront, contact us and we’ll have a special discount for you!

2. Let’s get you started

We have 2 ways of getting you started:

1) Reaching out

We know that sometimes it’s more convenient to do things from your cellphone, and that is why we have this option. Your phone is a powerful tool: by just sending us a SMS, you will get a link and be able to begin the process. You can fill out everything through this link: review the contract, share your billing information, and we’ll go from there!

2) Signing up online

Unlike other web design companies, our sign-up process is quick and easy. First, you review and sign your contract, then submit your billing information, and you’re in! It will only take you 5 minutes, and after that you’ll have a profile that will allow you to start sharing the info we will need to create your website.

3. Share company info

Here you’ll share, through a form and a link, all the information we will need to create your website. By filling this form, which only takes a couple of minutes, we won’t have no more back-and-forth emails or calls asking you for this detail or that photo, etc. Our goal is to save you a lot of time and simplify the process.

4. Project development

This step is when the magic begins! Through this process, you can lay back and take this off your mind, while we work on getting your initial development done and have it ready for you to review within one to three weeks, depending on the starting point you choose.

5. Let’s review

This is the exciting part where you get to view your website and realize how professional your business is going to be looking online! Here you can share any feedback you’d like with us, so we can iron out all the last touches.

6. Website launch

Now it’s a reality! Let’s celebrate that you reached the goal and have your own good-looking website. At this time, we will point your domain to our servers and launch your website on the world wide web!

7. Ongoing maintenance

Our work doesn’t end here; we offer ongoing support to your business for the next 1 year, by continuing to work with you for free! We’ll do all the necessary website maintenance and updates, so when something breaks we take care of it! You also get to enjoy unlimited client update requests, so when you want to change photos or texts across your website, you can just let us know and we’ll do it.


All starting points include:

  • Customized Template
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Custom Lead Forms
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Mobile + Speed Optimized
  • Website Hosting + Security
  • Google Analytics Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


For those taking the first steps
$ 50 USD / Monthly
  • A Fully Managed Site
  • Up To 1 Page
  • On Page SEO
  • 1 Standard Email Account
  • 1 Language


For those focusing on customer care
$ 75 USD / Monthly
  • Everything In Starter +
  • Up To 10 Pages
  • Pop Up Lead Capture
  • Automated SMS
  • 3 Standard Email Accounts


For those wanting to automate lead generation
$ 115
USD / Monthly
  • Everything In Deluxe +
  • Up To 20 Pages
  • Automated Review Posting
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Premium Support

This is not a website rental, you own your website.
All packages are based on the 12-month payment plan.
We do the work upfront but allow you to pay for it slowly over time.
Hosting, maintenance, unlimited updates and support are included for free for 12 months.

Web Design Questions

Once we have received all the necessary information (content writing, logos, images and all the essential branding information), we can deliver your website on an estimated time of four to six weeks. We aim to launch your website as fast as possible, and by having all the information we need from you, the process becomes smooth and quick.

While other web design companies may leave you waiting for months to deliver your site, we know the sooner your website is up, the faster you can make sales. Because of that, we take deadlines seriously and always deliver on time.

When you fill our sign up form, you get asked to share three other websites that you really like so we can get an idea of what style you’re looking to have in your site. You can also tell us specific fonts or colors you would like us to use, allowing us to design a website that matches what you have in mind.

In some cases, the first delivery we send may not be exactly what you’re looking for. But don’t worry: you can tell us what you like and don’t like, and we’ll work on implementing your feedback and tweaking your website to make sure it’s perfect for you. We also provide many revisions, ensuring that we won’t stop improving your site until it is exactly the way you wish.

Yes! All of the websites we create are built upon a WordPress foundation for proper optimizing. Our on-page SEO includes the use of proper heading tags and optional keyword-rich content. We will implement correct URL structures, title tagging, and meta descriptions. We will also optimize your images by cropping and compressing them and tagging the URL and title using your keywords.

While we offer this in all of our starting points, we invite you to check out our Advanced SEO upgrade here if you need something more powerful.

No. We can start working on the design of your website while we wait for you to supply your written content. We will also give you a content outline to help craft your message for your services and/or products.

All of our websites are built on a WordPress platform. WordPress powers more of the Internet than any other content management system. It offers endless functionalities and design possibilities where we can design a website that looks exactly the way you want it to.

This is also beneficial because we’re able to create custom post types for you to easily log in and add more blog pages that we have already set up a design for so all you have to do is simply type and click publish.

Yes! We don’t hold anyone hostage to keep making use of our services in order to continue using your website. Once you have paid off the full term of your website contract, the site is all yours. You can then choose to host, manage, and maintain the website on your own or leave it with us by signing up for our ongoing care plan.

We encourage all our clients to use their own photography because it is more authentic and allows you to show what your company is about. That being said, sometimes our clients have photos to use but are not the best quality. In this case, we would start sourcing stock photography that match what your business offers. We can look free stock photos for you, but if you need more specific photos that we can’t find for free, we can acquire premium stock photography at no extra cost.

We do not allow any active RGA The Nomad sites to be hosted outside of our server. We use fast hosting and provide first-class support for all of our clients. However, if you would like to host your website wherever you wish, you are able to purchase a website design outright!

In case you want to hire us for content writing, we would love to help you, or you may provide your own content. We encourage our clients to try and create their own content, since you’re the one who knows your services and products in and out, and understand your target demographic like the back of your hand. Writing a message to your preferred client may come easy for you, and you can refine it among your team.

If you don’t wish to write your own content or don’t have the time to do so, we will run a thorough research of your industry and create a message that speaks to your audience, aiming to educate and persuade your potential clients to become paying customers. Our content writing services cost $45 per website page.

Note: For pages such as contact, photo galleries, reviews, or other pages that don’t require much unique content, these do not involve a fee for our content writing.

Our template sites are just as beautiful, effective, and optimized as our custom sites are. The only difference is that a custom site is going to be a unique, one-of-a-kind website creation, with no other site looking like that one. If you have a very distinctive brand or a specific design that you’re looking for, then a fully customized site is the best solution for you.

On the other hand, if you love the way our template sites look and would like to save some money, then the templates offered on our starting points are the best option for you.

All of our starting points begin with a template design. The reason we’re able to offer these at such an affordable price is that we have optimized our processes to create our templated sites as efficiently as possible. This saves us time and saves you money! And if you want to get a fully custom website, you can pay a one-time upgrade cost to do so. Get that upgrade here.

Yes, you can upgrade any package to be a fully custom design for just a one-time upgrade cost of $350 for a One-Page or $750 for a Full Website design.

Sure! If what you need is an online store, then you are in the right place. There are many different options to choose from when you’re building an e-commerce website, but that’s not a problem: we can prepare a custom proposal for you and take into consideration exactly what you need. Our starting price to upgrade your site to an e-commerce platform is $650.

Yes, we can build pretty much anything that you want! From a design to a functionality, our developers will be able to assist you. Reach out to us and let us know what you have in mind.

Contact us by using the online chat in our menu, send us a SMS to +1 (888) 758 – 5959 or give us a call at +1 (888) 208 – 3844 or +1 (657) 245 – 2780