Just Looking Around?

Like it happens in real life: we go to a store because the products they offer caught our attention, and the salesperson approaches us and asks: what can I help you with?, and we reply: I’m just looking around"

Well, that’s exactly what this page is for: for you to take a look to what we have to offer, without me coming too strong asking if you’re interested in something! I know, that awkward moment has happened to me too…

I can help you in 3 ways:

1) By giving you free and paid tools to help you learn create and develop your online business and presence

2) By guiding you through the process of creating and developing your online business and presence

3) By helping you create your online business and presence

What solutions do I offer?

The Tribe

This is an online community where purpose-driven entrepreneurs and solopreneurs belong! Here, you’ll learn from the basics up to the specific concepts of web design, social media, marketing and more, which will allow you to create, establish and develop your online business and presence.

How it works

1. Join The Tribe

2. It all starts with a goal

3. Pick the path to follow

4. Reach checkpoints

5. Feedback sessions

6. Be part of the community

7. Get opportunities to grow

Entrepreneurial Guidance

Not knowing where to start is no longer a challenge! I’m a solutions’ curator, and my goal is to help others find a solution for their problem at hand, so that is why I’m offering a 30-minute FREE discovery session where we can talk about your idea, and I can guide you to make it a reality. And don’t worry, this is NOT a sales call!

How it works

1. Book a Free Consultation

2. Create the map

3. X marks the spot

4. Launch and maintain

Choose Your Starting Point

Time can be a limitation, and I’m sure you understand the importance of being present in the online world… So, at what time will you be able to work on it? Well, you can rely on me , as an expert, to put my know-how to action and take the wheel on creating your online presence , so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

How it works

1. Choose your starting point

2. Let’s get you started

3. Share company info

4. Project development

5. Let’s review

6. Website launch

7. Ongoing maintenance