This is me:

My name is Rodrigo Galvan, and just like you, I’m an entrepreneur.

On my adventure, I have created 3 businesses that left me great experiences before creating RGA The Nomad.

This is a small online business with big ambitions, founded by an expert in launching and developing online businesses and presence (ahem, myself). Being flexible is something that characterizes me, bringing some help when I need it, which translates into saving you time and money.

These experiences have allowed me to learn and fall, to get back on my feet again and know what to do (and what not to do!).


As a digital entrepreneur that moves around a lot, I know the importance of having an attractive online presence, being able to reach potential clients without depending on physical stores or sales.

And that is why RGA The Nomad was born! To share my knowledge and help other people create and develop their online presence.

Free Consultation?

The ups and downs have transformed into lessons, and I put them to action by sharing my experience and expertise!
Through a tailored Free Consultation!

Tell me how your journey is going, and I can walk you through the best path to follow to achieve that desired goal.