We are Problem Solvers, Business Enablers 
and Digital Storytellers

Solutions Are Everywhere

How easy can it be to get stuck in a problem, and just keep running in circles trying to figure out the right answer. We get caught up by our old ways and repeat patterns over and over again.

But then a need for change comes from inside us. A call that awakens new ways to see the world and that guides us towards a new path. A solution, with a different point of view.

We are RGA The Nomad, Problem Solvers, Business Enablers and Digital Storytellers. We want to be there for you and help you create, establish, and develop the online presence that will make you reach your goals and needs, generating the most value for you. We want to see that happy look on your face when you finally find what you are looking for.

We truly believe that solutions are everywhere! They are just waiting to be found, by those who dare to look for them.

Who we are

We are problem solvers, since we believe that solutions can be found everywhere, if you look closely. We want to offer you real support and advice, sharing our “know-how” and being your guide, making you feel comfortable and having someone you can trust. We will generate the best value so we can both grow up together.

Why do we do it?

Our why

What do we do?

We will help you create, establish, and develop your online presence, creating a precise solution for your needs.

We can help you build your online presence with:

We are a Canadian company, located in Surrey, B.C., with a multicultural team that cares to explain everything clearly, so you can understand the benefits of what we are offering. We don’t just sell a solution; we create strategies so you can reach your goals. Our aim to create a long-term relationship with our clients!

This is who we are:

Rodrigo Galván

Founder and Business Enabler

Innate helper, organized and proactive, with an eye for building an attractive online presence and enabling businesses. What motivates him is being able to think of ways to solve a problem, no matter how big or small. Passionate for travelling, knowing new cultures and capturing moments.

Rosa Quijada

Problem Solver, Freelancer

Offering solutions is something she’s passionate about. Audiovisual Sciences and Photography professional, with plenty of experience in diverse areas that go from virtual assistance to customer service. Her drive is to get things done and be her best self to accomplish her goals.

What makes us different?

Solutions are everywhere! What are you waiting for yours?