Take advantage of social media. Use it for your business!

Did you know that social media is a great option for your business? Let me tell you some pros.

Hey there, I’m so happy you arrived here! Take a moment to think about your life and your day to day. Do you see something that is continuously with us? Yup… Nowadays our life is surrounded by social media. Social media helps us to be in touch with everyone: friends, family, pages of interest, and more. It’s a place where we can relax and get information, but also, we can find businesses. We can search and find the things that we need and want with just one click.

People today are more used to do their own research, and one of their favorite searching tools is social media, as they are really familiar with them, and they get the information they are looking for.

But are they the correct platform to present our businesses?

Social media for businesses

Yes! Social media is at the palm of your hand and it’s easy to use. Businesses take advantage of social media to market their products, connect with clients easily, create awareness of their brand, and more. With social media, businesses can see very quickly how they are relating with their customers, what impact they are having, and they can humanize their brand, creating a closer relationship with their customers and delighting them.

So, yes, you can use social media for your business, but there are many platforms! And knowing which one is the one that best fits us can be difficult.

Don’t worry! Let me help you with this.

Which social media platform is the correct one for your business?

Well, that depends on the people you want to offer your services to, which is known as your target market, and the characteristics of your business. You need to pay close attention to what platform does your type of clients normally use, pick the platform where your audience is located. Be clear with your business’s goals and define the type of content you are planning on posting: is it videos? Photos? Blog articles? Podcasts? There are platforms where content will survive through time and others where content is renovated every hour, content that has a short lifetime.

Take all that into consideration. Let me share with you a chart with the characteristics of the most common platforms, so you can make the best decision:

My advice is to start with maximum two platforms, so you can concentrate on the content you are creating.

Now that we have dived in a little into some of the most popular social media platforms available and cleared out our minds into which one is the most accurate for our business, we are going to see the positive aspects the social media can bring for your business.

But first, let me give you a free guide where you can get some content ideas for your posts in your new business for having made it until this paragraph.

Now… Are you ready to see what social media can offer for you and your business? With these new tools your business will be one step ahead and you will be ready to boost your project! Let’s see them!

Take advantage of social media! It has many pros for you.

Social media is a great way to start presenting and growing your business. It’s an easy way to create an online presence with no budget for a customized website. Starting a business can be an amazing adventure and we need to use all the tools available for our success. Let me give you some advantages that social media offers you when using it for your business:

1.- It increases brand awareness

Just think about it: there are millions of people using social media as we have seen in the charts above, it’s an amazing opportunity for your business to be able to reach tons of people based on what they are searching and the hashtags they are using on social media platforms.

People not only connect with brands that they already know on social media, but they are also presented with a variety of new brands and posts in their daily scrolling.

2.- It generates trust

Social media allows customers to share more information and moments of their own brand, creating a stronger connection with their audience and generating trust. These platforms allow us to share our values and show our authenticity as a brand, making people truly connect with us for what we think and do.

As a brand, we can share what we are doing and preparing for our customers. Also, you can show the people behind the company. Having constant social media activity shows a living brand, shows background of who we are and gives us a more professional image. Also making use of live video content shows people a real face they can rely on, someone to trust.

3.- It drives traffic to your website

Social media posts, hashtags and Ads are the way to drive traffic to your website, since you can put your website link on your biography. A good strategy is to share a fragment of your content from your web or blog on your posts and invite them to see the full article on your website.

Posting constantly and strategically will make customers be in contact with your social media platform, interacting with them through comments and direct messages, and it will make the algorithm extend your visibility and put you on the view of many users. And remember: more users seeing you on social media, means more chances of them visiting your website.

4.- It generates leads

Social media gives us the opportunity to interact with many possible customers. Inviting them to interact with us is a great start, by using posts that require to give an opinion, share ideas, asking them to vote, participate on lives and more, which will give you an idea of the people most interested in your content.

Sharing downloadable templates with value information or inviting your followers to subscribe for an event is a great move on social media, because of the higher reach of the information.

5.- Boost sales

Even though it doesn’t look like, social media is an extremely important search tool for products and online stores. People will search for products through Facebook or Instagram. Nowadays, these platforms have implemented more options for selling virtually and redirecting the clients to your sales’ website.

Having an attractive front page with the best images of your service and product will make the key factor between a new client staying and checking more, or simply going away.

6.- Keep an eye on competitors

We are not alone, we need to be aware of what our competitors are doing and the tendencies they are trying on. We need to know what people say about them.

It’s actually really easy, you just need to follow them on their social media accounts, so you are connected. Also, you can track them down by searching their account on the platform with their brands names or products, and you will know with what they are up to. You will be able to see their new products, promotions and more.  

7.- Paid advertisement

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, offer you paid advertisement. You can choose the budget that you want and that most adapts to you. This will show a specific post to the specific target market that you choose, allowing your product and services to reach the exact people that you are looking for.

I highly recommend doing this paid advertisement the “manual” way, by previously setting all the data that you need and not the predetermined “advertisement” bottom that these platforms offer, because it will not be as segmented as you need it.  

We have finished checking out the most outstanding benefits that social media has for us, and there are even more, but if we put everything this article would be huge, and we want to get you started as soon as possible!

Let me give you the last tips so you can start selecting your social media and posting your content to boost your brand…

Get started

As we have seen, using social media for your business has many benefits: it’s your starting point if you don’t have an online presence and can’t create your own website at the moment. Be sure to have valuable information to share with your followers and invite people related to the field to follow you, since it will put you in contact with the right network circle.

Create content based on what your audience needs, always focus on what they are looking for and how you can solve their pain-points. Remember to use strong CtAs (Call to Actions), so people interact with you and your platforms, encourage them to comment, to give their opinion, to like, to share your post, let them be part and feel part of the community.

Don’t be afraid to send direct messages and generate connection: the more you interact, the more visibility you will have, the more followers you will obtain and you will create a strong bond with your clients more easily.

Organizing giveaways and offering discounts, it’s also a great way to get people’s attention. If they are interested in what you offer, they will be motivated to participate and win. Giveaways are the best way that people can share your page and content.

There are many options! Use the one the fits you the best: remember that all roads lead to Rome, and you are going to do great.

Well, I know it’s been a lot of information for you, but I’m sure it will help you a lot to start with this journey.

I have left you a guide with some content ideas that you can check, if you don’t know where to start to have value content at the beginning of this amazing path. Just register your email here and we will immediately send it to you.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step you are ready to start and apply all this new knowledge to your business! And you can always come back and reread this article. You are going to rock!

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