How to design an outbound marketing strategy

Outbound Marketing is still relevant, are you taking advantage of it? Learn how to design an outbound marketing strategy for your business here!

You must be familiarized with what marketing is. Nowadays, it’s everywhere: on the radio, on tv, when we log in to our social media, while researching on the Internet, checking our emails, even when someone hands us a flyer!

Now, with outbound marketing, you can make the most out of the options you can use to reach your potential clients. Keep reading to have a better insight of how it works.

What is outbound marketing?

According to Hubspot, “outbound marketing is a traditional method of marketing seeking to push messaging out to potential customers”. In simpler words, this is a way of getting new clients by directly contacting them and showing a certain message that you want to portray, through email, social media, cold calling, printing, and many more.

This includes content creation of that message you want to share with your prospects, selecting the right way of reaching out to them, and taking care of the results you get.

Why is outbound marketing still effective?

Like we can see on the blog post on Kinsta, there has been a strong debate between the accuracy and effectivity of outbound marketing, compared to inbound marketing which, opposite of outbound, it’s the method of earning people’s interest by making them come to your business, and not the other way around.

Many people believe that it’s wrong to unsolicited show an offer to a potential client. But you are able to present a product or service to a customer if it fulfills what it says it can do or solve.

What I can say to you is: there’s no wrong or right answer here. Marketing strategies are meant to be used and tested, so you can see what works best for your business. The results you get will set the tone of that.

If you want to put this to practice by creating an outbound marketing strategy, you must read the following list I prepared so you can have a guide on the steps to follow:

Steps to design an outbound marketing strategy:

1.- Define who are your potential customers

Your potential customers are the people that are capable of becoming a buyer of your products or services. It’s important to have them defined, know their characteristics and aim what you offer to them.

2.- Choose the best channel to contact them

There are plenty of ways to reach out to your prospects. Those are called “channels”, which go from emails, to ads, all the way to calls, that are used as the strategy to contact them, always having in mind which method will work best for them.

3.- Create engaging titles

The title is the first thing your potential clients see. If you can’t catch their attention at that, then you’ll most probably lose them. You need to come up with a catchy and concise title that’ll make them want to know more.

4.- Generate and share value (Irresistible Offers)

In order to attract more clients to your business, you must create solutions to your prospects, after having studied what are their pain-points and problems they face day-to-day in their business, or a way to make their processes easier. That’s what an Irresistible Offer is all about: generating and sharing value to them.

And since we’re on this topic, I would like to share this article with you, so you can have a better idea of how the Irresistible Offers work and how you can create one: “Irresistible offers to get more clients”.

5.- Use call to actions

According to Oberlo, a call to action is a message you share in the form of a button, image or link, to get an immediate response from your prospects, pushing them to make a certain action. This will bring traffic to whatever you’re offering, whether it’s to have a call, get a promotion, or invite them to book an appointment.

6.- Test the approach, content and improve them

The possibility of getting the results of how something is working, should be taken advantage of. That’s exactly what you need to do here: test the way you’re sharing the message, the method you’re using to reach out, and the way you’re saying that message. If something needs adjustment, remember that there’s always room for improvement.

Now that you have your strategy ready, and have a better idea on how you can create a plan of action, it’s time to pick the channel that you will be using to contact your prospects. Keep reading to get more information about that:


Like I briefly explained before in this post, there are channels that you can use to reach out to your potential clients. Those channels are the way you can send your message to them, with different platforms and tools there are to choose.

When you share a message, you can use different tones with it, and the core would still be the same. So you can have a better understanding of this, here are some examples of the application of different channels sharing the same message:

Let’s say that you want to let your clients know that you have a special discount for February 14th, Valentine’s Day. It would look like this:

Cold Email

Direct Mail



Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger…)

Search Ads

Social Media Ads

Cold Calls

Hi, this is Rosa from the RGA The Nomad. How are you?

We have a special discount for this Valentine’s Day! Is that something you’d like to hear more about?

(If “yes”.)

We are offering a 20% off on Valentine’s Day gifts, and with the purchase of a bouquet of roses, you can also get a Valentine’s postcard design for FREE! Which one would you want to hear most about?

(They choose one or the other.)

Awesome. Can I ask you a few questions first?

(Ask them qualifying questions to know what to present.)

I’ll tell you a bit more and then, if it makes sense, we’ll set up an appointment before we get off our call today to go over it in more detail. Sounds good?

From there, tell them more about the service they chose, just enough for them to agree to set up an appointment, and then go into the appointment setting script.

You can read more information provided by Pipe Drive here.

Printed Ads

To help you in this process, we created a checklist of the 5 things you need to do before launching your outbound marketing campaign.

Just click on the button below and download your checklist!

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