The pandemic has forced many restaurants to close their doors for some time, and sadly for some it meant closing their doors forever. According to CNN approximately 60% of the restaurants will never get back. But some of the restaurants that are still on their foot survived because they adapted to the situation.

You remember that everyone was at their homes doing the obligatory confinement and some others voluntary confinement until they felt safe to go out, right?  And do you remember how much we were missing our favorite coffee and our favorite sandwich or hamburger from our favorite restaurant?

Well nowadays is totally possible to enjoy your favorite meal from your place using online ordering. Today consumers are using more than ever online ordering, off-premise dining is growing exponentially. You don’t believe us? See:


1. Digital orders have increased by 135% since June 2020.


2. 84% of consumers currently order delivery or takeout once a week.


3. 34% of consumers will spend as much as $50 per order when ordering online.


4. 33% of people say many restaurants do not have their own ordering sites.

Number 4 is mind blowing considering number 1! Imagine how many sales a business is missing by just not being online.

Now is your turn to reinvent your business and to survive in any situation.

But that is not your job, we can do that for you.  Forget about headaches and waste of time trying to figure out how to build your online presence.

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