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The main method that I accept is Paypal, this is for my customers protection as mine as well.

In some cases we can negotiate with the client about the use of a local or international bank transfer.

The services that I directly provide are:

  • Website Design.
  • Website Maintenance.
  • Report Design.
  • Graphic Design (Presentation cards, Flyers, etc.)
  • Information Translation.

The services that I offer through my social network are:

  • Community Manager.
  • Media & Communication Plan Design.
  • S.E.O.
  • Design & Implementation of Social Media Campaigns.

I’m a person that enjoys solving problems. This allows me to deeply analyze my client’s requirements and present to them a series of solutions from which they can choose the most fitting to their budget. I always look to create long term relationships so I will propose win-win projects.

I enjoy what I do and this allows me to give a mayor level of detail to my work. I love to learn from my clients, their needs, their businesses, and thanks to that I can put myself in their shoes and offer them services and tools that will add value to their business.

You can consult the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

You can consult the Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy by clicking here.

You can consult the Refund Policy by clicking here.


Thanks to the opportunities I’ve received from national and international companies, as well as from clients that have trusted their projects in my skill I’ve been able to develop and acquire a series of skills that allows me to present integral solutions.

I’ve been able to participate in educational projects in the public sector, I’ve worked in an international company from which I was able to learn a lot thanks to the help of my coworkers in different areas, I’ve also been part of a company dedicated to construction of houses in which I could refine my problem solution skills.

If you want to know more deeply about my professional trajectory you can visit my LinkedIn profile here.

My biggest professional challenge, for now, has been to develop a series of reports that allows decision making in real time. This required me to know and understood the complete process of accountability from an international company, involving myself in each and every area.

The result was a series of reports for each area of the company which allowed them to reduce closing procedures, analyze, detect and correct errors in different levels and administrative areas and, most importantly, the personnel from the area could make critical decisions based on real time information.


My specialty is Business Intelligence (BI) because all of my proposals are set for my clients to make use of the information they receive from their website and/or technological tools. Many people think that information is power, I however, think that power lies in how you use information.

This doesn’t mean that any other kind of problem doesn’t call my attention, as long as a client requires a solution I’ll always find the way to solve it fulfilling with their requirements, times and budget.


Every freelancer puts his reputation on the table every time he starts a new project, and for me, my reputation is everything. That’s why I’ll do everything in my power to, once started a project, deliver it in time and form, fulfilling all of my client’s requirements.

Besides, using Paypal as a payment method, every client will have a third party that could intervene in case of a nonconformity with the payment. Of course, it is important to consider that we will always look to clear every misunderstood so we can avoid this kind of solutions.

It’s always a shame to leave a project without finishing it, I’ll do everything I can to convince you to stay. However I’ll respect the decision you make and the delivery process will begin with the generated information up to the date of cancelation. Likewise I’ll require you to cover the pending payment equivalent to the work that it’s completed, looking for the customer satisfaction with the work that has been done and that it has been handled.

As part of my commitment with each and every client, at the end of every project I’ll deliver, digitally, all the files and information that were generated through the project. In case of report development, tools and websites, a full backup of the final version will be delivered as well, including the source code and design files used. Likewise all the users and passwords needed to access each and every corner of the project.

My goal is to create win-win relationships with my clients, so I’m against of holding “hostage”, for future negotiations, the files of the project.

One of the main keys to become a successful freelancer is the creation of a professional network, that’s why the answer is short: I work with a group of people. The goal is to create, develop and maintain professional relations so we can provide integral solutions for our clients.

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