Business Intelligence

Decision making nowadays must be taken in real time based on reliable information

What is Business Intelligence? The main goal of every computer system is not just to collect and show information from different areas of the company but also to have the capacity to analyze such information and present the results in a useful format that makes decision making easier.

Big companies have very robust systems that are in charge of generating such functionality, however, even with those systems, there are times that the information is not analyzed or presented according to the business needs, or even worse, they require even more analysis to reach the desired result. In the other hand, we have those business that are just starting in their line of work and they don’t have access to the infrastructure, time or personnel needed to use robust systems.

Here is where I come at handy with my knowledge and experience to give you a solution that fulfills your needs of information in real time. Most of the works I’ve made have started from a KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Some examples of:



Increase/Decrease of: - Billing - Sales - Total Costs - Operational Costs / Benefits: Cash Flow, EBITDA, etc. / Cost Effectiveness: ROI, ROA, ROCE, EVA, PER, CCC.


Customer: - Retention Rate - Satisfaction Rate - Profitability - Lifetime Value - Rotation Rate / Fulfillment of Sales Objectives. / Conversion Percentage.

Capitalize your Information!

Let me know more about your information needs:

Human Resources

Increase / Decrease of personnel number / Personnel Rotation Percentage / Sales between personnel number / Expenses between personnel number / Salary Benchmark / Human Capital Added Value / Personnel Satisfaction Rate


Order Fulfillment Cycle Time / Full & On Time Delivery Rate / Inventory Shrinkage / Schedule Variation / Cost Variation / Inactivity Time

More examples of:


This are some of the KPIs examples that can be implemented in your business, not just to know and measure vital information but to improve existing processes. It is also important to acknowledge that Business Intelligence implies the use of a series of tools and methods that generate & analyze required information for the KPI and this way it can help the decision making process easier.