Irresistible Offers to get more clients

Your products and services are already out there, now it’s time to make them irresistible. Read this and learn how to create an Irresistible Offer.

Your business is already on the journey of improvement: you have an online presence, got your own customers, but you need to get prospects to trust you, and convince your current clients to rekindle the relationship you formed.

I know that you already traveled a path in the journey of dealing with your business, which is already on the market, and your products and services are out there, with offers and promotions you are bringing to your clients and prospects. But the question here is: are they really irresistible?

What is an Irresistible Offer?

An Irresistible Offer is not only a discount or a promotion. It’s a way you have to create solutions to your prospects, after having studied what are their pain-points and problems they face day-to-day in their business, or a way to make their processes easier. This bundles of offers you will create, will help you attract more potential clients to your business.

The main purpose of an Irresistible Offer is to add value to your client’s business, bring something to their projects that will set you apart from your competitors, which only care for getting more clients, but don’t stop to think about what their prospects really want.

Always have in mind what your potential customers or actual clients need, so you can come up with an accurate and affordable solution that will fix their issues, and give them more than what they expect from you.

How to create Irresistible Offers:

1.- Define your target market

The first step in this process is to exactly know what is your target market. These are the customers to which your products and services are directed to, the people that make the most out of your offers and whom you mean to reach out. Having this delineated will give you a better insight on how to contact them, what type of message to use, and know what are their pain-points.

2.- Divide it on stages

Every business is positioned at a certain stage. If you think about it, the businesses can be situated at different positions. For example: Stage 1, the startups, the ones that just are just beginning in the process of launching their business; Stage 2, these are already established, but need to reconnect with their clients and get new ones; and Stage 3, are those that have almost everything, but want to make their processes more efficient.

These stages help you delimit which approach will make sense to them, and how to share a message that will take into consideration their different problems. It’s definitely not the same the issues that a startup can have, compared to a business that has 40 years on the market.

3.- Define the target market’s pain-points

Your target market has pain-points that they want to attack and solve. These can go from not having an online presence attractive enough, to reconnecting with clients, up to wanting to add new technologies to their business’s processes. Every stage has their own problems, or desire for improvement, that you should define in order to offer something that may solve them. This step can be described as a diagnosis, where you understand the problem first, and then come up with a solution.

4.- Create solutions/Irresistible Offers to solve those pain-points

When you really understand the issue, the solution becomes obvious. In this step, you must take up the problems they have, and think of ways to improve those processes or offer solutions that will make their businesses more attractive to their own prospects and clients. The Irresistible Offers can even be something they may not have even considered before, or just the right solution to the problems they know they have. The goal is to capture their attention and generate value for them in the process.

5.- Run test and error check to make sure that the Irresistible Offers work

This is the last step, but for sure not the least important. Let’s keep in mind that what can’t be measured, can’t be improved. That’s why the purpose here is to run tests and see how your prospects or clients act with the offers that come their way: if they show interest, if they can afford them, if they take action, and if they move forward with one or more of them. If not, it’s important to study what’s happening, what can be adjusted, and constantly monitor the results.

Now that you know the steps to create an Irresistible Offer, I want to keep giving you tips on how to build something worth your prospects and client’s attention. That’s why I’ve developed a checklist you can fill to make a solution hard to resist.

Answer the following questions, having in mind your target market:

  • What is their pain?
  • What do they want to earn?
  • Why is it important?
  • How much is their budget?
  • Why now?

I’m sure this checklist will be very helpful for you! You have it now, and it’s time to start working on it. Since this is the right moment to begin, here you have 2 examples where you can put to practice what you learned from it:

Create the Irresistible Offers under two categories:

  • Tailored Bundles for each stage

This category involves creating customized offers according to each stage you already defined, which will vary from each other, since their problems don’t match. Since you know their pain-points, you can create and divide the solutions and offers that will solve their exact problems.

  • Basic Bundles for any stage

These are the ones that can be used with any stage, since they’re generic solutions that every business can take advantage of, no matter what division they are in. The basic offers can include your general services split as main groups.

The Irresistible Offers are a must-have on your business. With them, you can take care of your client’s needs, while also making your business different. Generate value for your customers and catch their attention with what you have to offer!

If you want to have a better idea on how these bundles work, and how to apply them to your marketing strategy, I recommend you to give a look to this article that may give you a whole new perspective: “How to design an outbound marketing strategy”.

Rosa Quijada

Rosa Quijada

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