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We are a team that comes together to celebrate imagination!

This is who we are:

In RGA The Nomad, we are moved by the will of solving problems, helping our clients to achieve their goals, and putting their thoughts and wishes into action.

We are a team of diverse people from different parts of the world, that come together for a main purpose: to share our “know-how” and generate value for our clients.

Rodrigo Galván

Founder and Business Enabler

Innate helper, organized and proactive, with an eye for building an attractive online presence and enabling businesses. What motivates him is being able to think of ways to solve a problem, no matter how big or small. Passionate for travelling, knowing new cultures and capturing moments.

Rosa Quijada

Problem Solver, Freelancer

Offering solutions is something she’s passionate about. Audiovisual Sciences and Photography professional, with plenty of experience in diverse areas that go from virtual assistance to customer service. Her drive is to get things done and be her best self to accomplish her goals.

Milena de la Puente

Digital Storyteller, Freelancer

Full of creativity and always has a story to tell. Loves learning and discovering things. Photographer, graphic designer, and digital marketer. Enjoys travelling, the stars and animals. Her dream: to be a digital nomad and travel all around the world watching all the possible skies.

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